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By | July 2, 2020
hp printer customer service number

Fix paper jam in hp printer customer service number

hp customer service phone number– There may be various factors that can give rise to the paper jam issue. Here we have discussed some of them:

• Overfilling paper trays.

• Improper paper position.

• Poor quality of paper.

• Using torn paper for printing.

• Dust or dirt on paper or hp help phone number printer.

• Foreign materials such as paper dust or toner dust inside the printer.

The safe steps that can be achieved are | hp support phone number

The first step is to prevent the paper jam that is in the printer. For doing this:

• Turn off the Contact hp customer care and remove the power cord from the power supply.

• Take out the paper output cover.

• Remove the jammed paper slowly and carefully.

• Now remove whether there is any paper left in the input tray.

• Now reload the paper in the input tray.

• Reconnect the printer to the power cord and switch it on.

• Now, check the hp printer customer support  for any debris and clean all the dirt and dust from there.

• Turn off the printer and remove the power cord.

• Remove all trapped paper from the tray.

• Now thoroughly remove the dust from the metal rollers which are present inside the printer.

• Now close the door and reconnect the hp printer customer service printer.

In addition, you feel that these items ensure that they can run smoothly without any construction. For this:

• Remove the power cord from the HP Customer Support and wall outlet.

• Now, take out the ink cartridges.

• Now, move the hp desktop support printer cart forward.

• If there is any paper in the tray, remove it.

• Take out the rear accessory door.

• Try rolling the rollers.

• Now re-install the ink cartridges after gently cleaning them.

• Insert the power cord back and restart the printer.

Next, you can ATTEMPT to reset the hp warranty phone number. For doing this:

• Switch on the printer.

• Now, wait for some time until the printer is deactivated.

• While keeping the hp technical support printer on, remove the power cord from the printer as well as the wall outlet.

• Now after some time put the plug back in the wall outlet and then reconnect the power cord with the hp customer service number printer.

• Wait until the printer turns on and check if it is working properly.

• After using all these measures, you can try to print a paper page by loading it into a paper tray to check if it is working properly.

If however, you are experiencing problems with your Contact HP Customer Support chat while printing due to paper jams or any other reason; you can call the HP printer so that the issues can be resolved. Here the technician can manage the causes of the particular issue you are facing and will recommend you quick treatment to resolve the problem quickly.

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