HP Color LaserJet CP1525nw Review

Overview: If you’re looking for an eco-friendly printer that has wireless capabilities, the HP Color LaserJet CP1525nw from Hewlett & Packard might be the right fit for you. This eco-friendly printer uses a set of technologies that produce minimal impact on the environment and your wallet. The printer delivers perfect results and sensible functionality which is suitable for marketing materials. With wireless capabilities, the printer can be set up to print from anywhere. The box-like design with rounded edges will fit any desktop, measuring 15.7 inches wide, 17.8 inches deep, and 10 inches tall, with a weight of 40 pounds.
Pros: The HP Color LaserJet CP1525nw printer can print 12 letter A-size pages per minute in black and 8 letter A-size pages per minute in color. HP recommends a monthly amount of 250-1000 pages per month, but this printer is capable of going above and beyond about 30,000 pages. It is worthwhile having a printer that is capable of not only producing good quality prints, but also printing beyond what is recommended. The printer includes HP ImageREt 3600 technologies, printing at a resolution of 600 x 600 dots per inch in both black and color modes. The printer has wireless connections and an Ethernet port that allows for network capabilities. Users can print from any location. With the HP ePrint software, setting up the device is quite easy. Excellent software comes with many tips and tools. Managers can set cost per print. They can also disable or enable the network parts at their discretion. Users can make use of the many tools and templates available. Shortcuts can be pre-configured to optimize quality output and speed based on the selected media. Wireless management is widespread with its password-protected corporate web server. The printer has 128 megabytes of standard memory expandable up to 384 megabytes, running with a processor speed of 600 MHz. With active acoustic levels only up to 48 decibels, the printer will be noticeably quieter than other noisy printers. The standard languages ​​used by printers are PCL 6, PCL 5 and PostScript 3. The maximum acceptable document size is 8.5 x 14-inches and the minimum acceptable document size is 3 x 5-inches. The output tray, with its location on the middle-top of the printer, can hold up to 125 sheets. The input tray, which is located on the bottom front of the printer, can hold up to 150 sheets. Upgrading is limited to printer DIMM systems, which modify memory from 128 megabytes to 256 megabytes using a 144-pin DIMM. The HP Color LaserJet CP1525nw can be a good choice for an organization that needs to juggle multiple jobs with both speed and accuracy. This printer has a decent processor speed that is capable of dishing out up to 20 pages per minute depending on the complexity of the print. This printer is very economical and durable. It uses a 2-line LCD with a 16-character display.
Cons: The resolution of this printer is limited to 600 x 600 dots per inch. Most inkjet printers have high resolution with high quality prints. If a business specializes in graphic design, photography and imaging, this is not a good choice of printer for them. Unfortunately, this printer is not a ‘one size fits all’ printer. It does not have faxing and copying features. The printer runs on 295 watts while operating. This has had a huge impact on the electricity bill. With the given SpecsArticle search, its 295 watts consumption is a disadvantage compared to other printers with higher-end specs that consume less energy.

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