Low cost and high efficiency HP color LaserJet 1600 printer evaluation

Positioning within the enterprise, tiny studio and SOHO user, the power unit color LaserJet 1600 volume is extremely tiny, solely x 370mm x 453mm 407mm, placed fully not occupy an excessive amount of area, terribly appropriate to be used in slender area. And within the modelling style and therefore the color collocation is extremely sensible.
HP Color LaserJet 1600 was crammed with straight forward however sensible style. The board, there’s a liquid crystal {display|LCD| digital display | alphanumeric display} display with 2 lines of English character, will timely well-read this scenario and carbon powder to users. additionally, it “Cancel” key response is extremely quick, fast can delete the duty, avoid the waste of your time and paper, style is extremely easy.
HP Color LaserJet 1600 with 16M memory, most print resolution is 600 x 600 dpi, the printing speed for the black and white Color with a similar speed, area unit all eight pages per minute. At a similar time, it USES the zero seconds preheating technique, home output time all the way down to twenty seconds. This machine has Associate in Nursing changeless drawback, it doesn’t support Mack software, that doesn’t support the apple laptop print files.
HP Color LaserJet 1600 USES the drum powder unibody style, objectively speaking, one-piece drum unit style may be a for the most part resource fee. In use thought, the one-piece users powder storage of drum unit to scale back the advanced operation, convenient and clean.
Now you may have additional understanding for this printer, thus and if you employ this printer or ever use this printer, you’ll get the drivers from here: power unit Color LaserJet 1600 Printer drivers.
Some Basic configures:
Cartridge models: C9700A power unit black toner C9701A power unit cyan toner c9702a yellow power unit cartridge C9703A red toner C9704A power unit optical maser imaging drum product
Toner life (Photos): 6000-8000
Interface type: USB2.0
Memory: 16MB
Double-sided printing manual
Support network printing support
The highest resolution (DPI) 800 x 600
Black print speed (PPM) sixteen
Color printing speed (PPM) four
Maximum print format A4
Media kind normal paper, letterhead, pre perforated paper, pound paper, coloured paper, rough paper, preprinted paper, employment paper, transparency in gray scale printing, labels, envelopes, postcards, index cards and different custom size card materials
Feed methodology of automatic feeding / manual feed
The input receptacle capability (Zhang) one hundred twenty five
Home output time (s) of black and white color for sixteen seconds, 29 seconds
The machine has 3 characteristics. the primary is within the black and white print and doesn’t use color toner, can also effectively save the employment value. This breakthrough technology are often same to own an enormous surprise for the bulk of users. The second is its use is one image print engine, and therefore the printing speed is color with black and white at 8ppm. printing in paper output coherence while not pause, set the default color transition sleek and natural and clear text straightforward to spot. The third is its volume is tiny, the measurements solely x 370mm x 453mm 407mm, placed fully not occupy an excessive amount of area, terribly appropriate to be used in slender area. the colour and style is additionally superb.
Contrast a year or 2 agene product, Color LaserJet 1600 not solely on the target performance improved plenty, some utilized in high-end product once before imaging technology has been accustomed such entry-level models, and in terms of product options, and print quality conjointly keep the high level Free online page, is a wonderful alternative for tiny and medium-sized enterprises.

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